Benefits of Technology in Education

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Technology and Education

Education is being provided to people all over the world for numerous years about different, unique and interesting fields. They are being taught by different experienced professors but modernization enters every field and helps them to become better. Similarly, modernization came technology which helped to increase the learning and teaching strategies. Modern technology in combination with education did not just help the teachers in teaching diverse topics in a modern and interesting way but also helped the students in the best understanding of the topics by being able to provide them with resource material and information which further aided in clearing out all the ambiguities and making the topics much clearer.  There are different benefits of using technology in classrooms that have been mentioned below.

Benefits of using technology in classrooms

  • Using technology can help in keeping the students better engaged in lessons. They will not be bored because of the dry lessons consisting only of words. Technology will be able to provide them with resource material like informative videos, documentaries, educated programs, interviews and colorful images which will help them to better understand and learn a concept.
  • The use of technology in classrooms can help them to stay updated with all the latest information on a subject. This will add on to their existing knowledge and help them to immediately get the answer to a question while they are getting the hold of a new area.
  • Technology can help connect classrooms. Applications like Skype which provide the facility of video calls can help connect one classroom to another. This new connection will help in expanding the classroom virtually and help the students get a better idea where they will be able to interact with students from the other class without the hassle of physically going to the other class and acquire additional information and knowledge on different themes and topics.

Although where there are advantages there are disadvantages as well it should be kept in consideration that an individual either benefits or gets harmed by the usage of technology. If they are using it to gain the knowledge they will reap the benefits but if the same technology is being used negatively they will reap the disadvantages. Therefore, it is extremely important that they are taught to use the technology in the right way which proves to be productive for them, and they can learn and grow via its usage.

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Dr. Joy Hamm has a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Educational Administration from Georgia Southern University, a Master of Arts in Counselor Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science from Lenoir-Rhyne University.

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