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Dr. Joy Hamm

The role of media

Media has always been considered a bad influence on society for individuals of all ages. Whether they are kids, teenagers, adults, or even people belonging from old age, it is considered a bad thing for people to be addicted to media since the amount and level of exposure that it provides is not just unacceptable but is also inappropriate for ages of all kind. There is hardly any content that is considered appropriate for people to view and learn from. It is considered better that they move towards other forms of entertainment so that people refrain from all the various kinds of negativity that it spreads.

Dr. Joy Hamm

Honestly, if media is used right away even the bad influence can be changed into good, and individuals can be taught to good in their lives instead of opting for something not thought to be good.

There are few educational TV shows present that help put a good influence on people especially children and should be shown to develop good habits in them.

Educational TV Shows

  • Super Why!

This show primarily focuses on the power of reading. We all know that reading is important and that we all should read as it increases knowledge and the amount of information that the brain of a person usually possesses. Showing this show to the children can help develop a good habit of reading in them. Reading also improves creativity and enhances writing skills as well.

  • Octonauts

Teaching about the concept of teamwork, empathy, care, and problem-solving through crime, this show is fun-packed for kids of younger age. The story revolves around the animals of the ocean that work together and maintain justice in the ocean. They also help the creatures in need and also found to be happy and curious about the different things that are happening around them.

  • Sid the Science kid

When children are in their early years, science always plays a role in fascinating them. These children are also curious about everything that happens around them and they prefer to know the answer to every question that pops up in their head.

This is a show which is focused on a kid named Sid who with the help of his class fellows and teachers questions the different phenomena of the world and then solves them with their help. This helps children learn about the basic things and answers most of the questions that pop up in their minds.

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