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Education in today’s time is a necessity and not a luxury. While many are away from it, numerous people are benefitting from education. Education is the key to success and helps to achieve success in life. This key to success should be available to everyone across borders and the ones who have access to it should take major steps to provide it to the ones lacking it.

Different international organizations are supporting global education as their main agenda and are making continuous efforts to fulfill their goal of providing education globally including the underprivileged ones.

Save the Children

Save the Children has been giving lectures on effective teaching strategies and how to keep the children active during class. They also have been providing coaching sessions to the parents and caretakers to help them learn how to promote growth in the children and encourage them towards education outside of the classroom setup. This organization has been making all these efforts to promote its aim of global education and fundamental rights regarding children all over the world. Up till now, they have been able to target around 9 million children and they continue to do so. They are also investing in the children’s health in crisis-stricken areas by putting in a lot of funds and their efforts to make the lives of these individuals more acceptable and better than before.


In 1945 UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) started. These organizations aim to create realization amongst the people regarding education and how education plays a fundamental role in different kinds of development of a country as well. They are trying to create intercultural dialogues and introducing policies through global education simultaneously. The organization currently consists of more than 200 countries as members.


The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund has been working for the rights of the children for many years now. They aim to increase awareness about the children and provide them with rights all over the world. Amongst many goals that they seem to be working intending to achieve them, their main focus is towards the Millennium Goal number 2 that focuses on education, as well as gender equality.

With the hopes that they will reach their goals and fulfill them successfully, these organizations are working tirelessly making efforts and bringing changes in the lives of many young adults, teenagers, and children.

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