Significant Scholarships for International Students

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Dr. Joy Hamm

Education has been a need in all the times and is important for the growth of an individual. The level of education over the years has only grown but with the increase in the level and quality of education the expenditure of education also increased drastically. Some people could afford this expensive education and there were those who could not afford this education at any cost. The education in their home country and abroad after a certain time became unaffordable for most people. It was then to promote education and the importance that different scholarships were introduced for students residing inside and outside the country. So that the students who were brilliant and hardworking but were financially weak could be able to study in the same comfortable environment and help to change the world respectively.

Dr. Joy Hamm

UM Holland-High Potential Scholarships

This scholarship is for the Masters and postgraduate program offered by the Maastricht University. There are twenty-four of these scholarships given to deserving students and is a very well-known scholarship as it covers the living cost, tuition fees, insurance, and training costs as well. Students with a great academic background are always encouraged to apply for this.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

This scholarship offered by Cambridge University is also for postgraduate studies. There are ninety of these scholarships available and are considered as one of the most anticipated scholarships. This scholarship tends to cover the airfare, stipend and also other kinds of funding’s as well which may help the individual build a better future for them. The deadline for the scholarship is usually October.

International Leader of Tomorrow

The University of British Columbia offers this scholarship to the academically strong candidates.  Contrary to the scholarships mentioned above, this scholarship is for the undergraduate level of study. It provides complete financial aid which covers the tuition fees and living costs. By showing a good result, the scholarship can be renewed as well.

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

Offered for the postgraduate study level, Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) is offered by the University of Adelaide in Australia. It tends to cover the tuition fees and the annual living allowance along with some other benefits as well. All the details are easily available through their official website and the three rounds need to be cleared for being considered for the scholarship.

The above-mentioned scholarships are the top scholarships that an individual could get for his study. Including the postgraduate and the undergraduate scholarship, these scholarships are for the one facing financial instability but have a great academic record.

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