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The increasing trend of online courses

Many institutions have been providing courses related to different subjects and promoting distance learning in many areas that have been inaccessible through the foot. This trend was a known quality of many institutions but lately, due to the COVID-19 situation where strict lockdowns have been imposed by many countries, this trend has increased drastically where universities from all over the world have begun to offer various online courses. This effort is being made to facilitate the students present in different areas of the world and also to provide a chance to those who want to have an experience of a particular institution.

Dr. Joy Hamm

The courses being offered are usually free and once completed, also provide a certificate that verifies that the student has completed the entire course. The following are the top universities that are offering these free courses.

Top universities offering free courses

Harvard University

It is ranked as one of the top universities in the world. Currently, Harvard is offering 600 free online courses which are mostly free. These courses are related to different topics and genres and are considered extremely interesting. Moreover, they are a great learning opportunity for everyone who wants to spend their time doing something good in the time of lockdown.

California Institute of the Arts

Regarded as one of the best institutions in the field of Art and Design, California Institute of the Arts is offering numerous courses to enhance your creative skills. There are different notable courses like the course related to graphic designing and they teach you the basics of graphic designing which ends in you making a professional portfolio as well. There could not be anything better than this. Moreover, there are courses related to design, arts, and drawing which are not just informative but are considered to be practical as well. In this way, the students will learn as well as practice their skills and improve them as well.

University College London

The UK based university is the eighth-best university in the world where students from all around the world apply to get admission. This institute is also paying a lot of attention to the courses that it’s offering. Courses focusing on the effects of social media and its usage or about the ones related to culture and health are some of the most interesting courses that it is currently offering.

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